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Easy Course Petition Material

If your FLS course is not approved by your certification/ licensing organization (see course list and individual courses for approvals), please use the information on this page to easily petition your organization for your course.  We have made this process as painless as possible!

Not all organizations approve eLearning/ Home Study courses from other organizations.  If your organization is not listed below, please call or email us for information.

To Petition a Course:

  1. Click on the link for the organization you wish to petition to download or print their petition form and/or required course documentation.
  2. Click on the course title below that you wish to have approved to access the course document.  Save the course document to attach to an email or print the document to snail mail.  The course document will contain most of the information you need to complete your petition requirements.
  3. Complete only the information on your petition form that is not included in the course document.  (Name, address, personal information.)  Write in "See Attached" if the information requested in the petition form is included in your course document.
  4. Send the required documentation and petition fee to your certifying organization.
ACE          American Council on Exercise              
               For petition form
CI            The Cooper Institute               
               Click on topic 7 for required information
IFPA         International Fitness Professionals Association
               Report form and General information sheet at bottom of page
NASM       National Academy of Sports Medicine               
               For petition form
NATA-BOC National Athletic Trainers Association-Board or Certification
               See "Catagory D" on petition page for required documentation
NESTA      National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association               
               See page 5 for petition information
NETA        National Exercise Trainers Association
               For petition form
NSCA        National Strength and Conditioning Association
               As of January 2015 NSCA does not have a course
               petition process.

Course Outlines:        
Click on the course title below that you wish to have approved to access the pdf course document. The course document will contain most of the information you need to complete your petition requirements. Save the course document to attach to an email or print the document to snail mail.
Webinar Courses
An Introduction to: Fitness for Breast Cancer Survivors
Knee & Hip Replacement - What Fitness Professionals Need to Know
Working With Clients Who Have Diabetes or Prediabetes: What You Need to Know
Corrective Exercise for Older Clients with Degenerative Joint Disease
Exercise as Medicine: The Future of Healthcare
Learn How to Enhance Your Career by adding Stress Management Specialization
What You Need to Know About Heart Attack & Stroke When Working with Clients/Patients
Trends in Fitness-Wellness-Medical Integration
Understanding Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and the Role of Exercise in Symptom Management
What You Need to Know about Wearable Devices and Apps to Maximize Client/Patient Health & Your Business
Bigger, Fatter, Sicker: How the Standard American Diet is Killing Us!
Exercise Assessment & Program Design for Preventing Falls
Diastasis Recti: More than just a prenatal concern for trainers
Lowering Barriers to Entry for Healthy Living
eLearning Courses
90 Days to a FULL Client Base
A Simple Study of Exercise and Caloric Consumption
Advanced Aqua Pilates
Application of Water Exercise for Health/Fitness Professionals Specializing in Pain Management
Applied Anatomy: Land and Water
Aqua Magic Moves 1
Aqua Magic Moves 2
Aqua Magic Moves 3
Aquatic Fitness Principles for the Larger Adult
Aquatic Personal Training Programming
Aquatic Options 1: Special Populations and Post Rehab Fitness Training
Aquatic Options 2: Special Populations and Post Rehabilitation Fitness Training
Aquatic Sport, Function, and Performance
BackSplash Post Rehabilitation for People with Back Pain
Barefoot Balance Training
Basic Measurement and Body Composition Assessment
Beauty and the Beast: Considerations for Exercise Demonstration and Prescription
Biomechanics of Low Back Pain
Body Basics for Aqua Fitness (AQX 3)
Breast Cancer Recovery on Land and In Water
Buoyancy Stretches
Burdenko Water Walkers
Children's Aquatic Fitness Programming
Core Complete Training: A Systematic Approach for Aesthetic Core Development
Core Conditioning Camp  Part 1
Determining Intensity with Aquatic Target Heart Rates
Essential Aqua Pilates
Essential Exercises for Cancer Patients and Survivors
Exercise and Sleep
Exercise, Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome
Exercise Guidelines for Balance and Fall Prevention
Exercise Prescription for Alzheimer’s Prevention and Intervention
Functional Training for All Ages
Gravity vs Buoyancy: Friend or Foe
Hand Me A Handbar
Health Appraisal and Risk Assessment
Healthy Heart for a Healthy Life
Hi- Low Choreography for Everybody
Human Movement Matrix: Shoulder
Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease
Introduction to Aquatic Personal Training
Older Adults and Aquatic Applications
Pilates Based Exercise and Philosophy for Land and Water
PNF in the Pool
Post Polio Water Work
Proper Pronunciation of Anatomical Terminology: Muscles
Restore the Core: Integrated Core Training for Real World Function
Return to Life: Breast Cancer Recovery Using Pilates
Respiratory Rescue
Super Abdominals: Essential Rules of Excellence
The Functional Foot and Ankle. Level 1
The Greatest Vehicle Ever Created - You!
The Issue of Aging
The Science of Nutrition
Under the Microscope-YoU!: Instructor Skills amd Methodologies
WW: Deep Water Performance Challenge
WW: Upper Torso and Core